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Do not waste your time stay at home or office, watching or go to the place that you want to monitor. Use the new technology, monitor all of them anytime, anywhere.

The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to DSS Professional.

Innovation in your premise

DSS Pro is a flexible, scalable, high reliable and powerful central management system. Client-Server Architecture, Integrating with multiple surveillance systems. DSS Pro provides the central management, information sharing, convenient connection and multi-service cooperation.

Organization Management

Through organization to achieve device group management.


Add, edit, delete, enable and disable the record plan.

Device Management

Add the devices via auto search, IP, Domain, IP Segment, auto register.

Backup and Restore

Backup system data automatically & manually.

Role and User Management

Assign different roles with different permissions.

Statistic & Log

Online information of Service, Device and User, Device Health Report.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Snapshot, Record, Instant playback, PTZ, Fish-eye correction, Stream control, Talk, Audio, Alarm, Color, Favorites, Remember channels. 24 hours Video Playback.