Everything you need on your place

The amazing security concept

We offer complete HD security camera systems that include a DVR, 1080p resolution HD CCTV cameras, cables, connectors, and power supplies. We can mix and match a variety of camera types based on your needs.

No Monitoring Limits

Everyone knows that there is an increasing large number of fraudulent incident claims. The insurance industry and your business run the risk of being unduly sued for a falsified claim every day you are open.


Most people think of security cameras in their functional sense. They provide surveillance recordings which can be turned over to law enforcement officials.


Security Camera Systems allow supervisors and business owners to divert their attention to other tasks or requirements while never taking their eyes away from their employees, customers, or machines.

Home Care

Every news agency in Malaysia has run a story on a poor, mischievous, abusive, dishonest, or otherwise unacceptably performing home care professional.